We Love Acts 29!

Our team cannot think of a better organization to sponsor than Acts 29! 

Acts 29 US West 2019

First, Restvo and our team believes in the vision of Acts 29. The majority of our team are currently a part of Movement Church which is an Acts 29 church. We are passionate about seeing more people come to know Jesus and we believe a discipleship app like Restvo can help accomplish that goal.

Second, Acts 29 is driven to help disciples make disciples. Our team has dedicated our heart and soul as well as dedicated our time and energy to build the best discipleship app. We are excited to share this free app with churches all around the world.

Third, we want to provide discipleship resources and a platform for churches to mentor people in their local communities. We can’t wait to see what God can do when His church engages in discipleship using the latest technology. 

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