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How it works

The Growth Platform

Why is church discipleship so difficult? With Restvo, it doesn't have to be! We know that being a local pastor or church staff is a tough calling. Our cofounders are both pastors and tech entrepreneurs who empathize with how difficult ministry is.

Our mobile app was built by pastors for pastors for churches. Contact us today and experience a new way of church discipleship.

Join a Discipleship Plan

Restvo was built to help churches kickstart and grow their discipleship ministry. Browse thru customizable discipleship plans or create your own —Try it today!

Mentoring 1-1 or in Groups

Have you tried 1-1 mentoring? It isn't easy to implement for most churches. With Restvo, 1-1 discipleship is super simple. Do you want to make your small groups even better? Restvo helps you track the growth of your members, check-in on their discipleship progress, and connect people together in 1-click!

Discipleship Resources

Find well-written and curated resources dedicated to church discipleship. Restvo understands the challenge of creating discipleship materials and curriculum from scratch. Our team has provided a quick way where you can find, join, or customize your discipleship plan from our Christian discipleship marketplace.


Read Powerful Growth Testimonials at Restvo

Get some inspiration reading our blog. Learn how lives are getting transformed at Restvo and become a part of a global discipleship & mentoring movement.


"Our team felt the app was quite intuitive for outlining their action plans!"

Leo Mack
Youth Pastor

“We are now bought-in! Our team that is pretty stoked about launching Restvo :)

Director of Conference Ministries

“This is all fantastic!  Thank you, thank you!

Victoria McCoy
Family & Young Adults Pastor


Leroy Sims
Senior Pastor
Who We Are

Meet Our Team

We are a team that believes that life is less about the number of followers you have and more about the quality of friends you have. Our team culture is founded on the vision that work is more fun and meaningful when we work hard, play hard, and balance both together.