A Word on Anxiety: "Taking His Yoke"

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Ray Kim

A word on Anxiety...

Often times, we stress ourselves out to the point of unmanageable anxiety. We know this unsettling feeling isn’t good for us, nor is it something we want others to experience. But, everyone faces anxiety in one shape or another.

In today’s modern-western culture, many of us have access to clean water, warm showers, shelter, food, clothes, public transportation, technology, and even Spotify and Netflix (sorry Apple Music users). Instant access to instant gratification. Some may say we’re spoiled as a new technological generation (they’re probably right), but our internal struggles are just as relevant and toiling as ever before.

Our generation experiences more cases of suicide, depression, abuse, bullying, loneliness, separation, and anxiety. There are many reasons for this and this writing isn’t to share with you “5 best tips to overcome anxiety”. We know there’s no magic bullet for this on-going struggle. Rather, I hope to share a word that Jesus spoke on (very complex, yet comforting).

Taking His Yoke

I’ve always struggled with the verse about how Christ says to “take his yoke for his yoke is easy and his burden is light.” In full transparency, that’s sometimes the hardest thing to do. Living in and working in San Francisco where we have to be extremely cautious about what we say, it’s not easy to speak out on what you believe in. (I wrote about paradox of being a Christian in San Francisco here). But coming back to anxiety, if we feel that our burden is “heavy”, maybe that’s a good sign to first, lay it at the cross through prayer, and second, to share our burdens with people around us.

If it's heavy, let it go

For some of us, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of our anxiety 100%, but the moment it comes up, our prayer for you is to reach out to Christ and your community first. “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. - somebody.

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