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How it works

Help onboard your volunteers and train your leaders!

Do you find it tough to organize your volunteers and train your volunteer leaders? With Restvo, it doesn't have to be! We know that leading a nonprofit and constantly training new volunteers takes a toll on driving the mission forward. Our cofounders worked in non-profits for many years and can empathize with how difficult it is to run a successful non-profit.

Onboard & Train Volunteers

Restvo allows you to create a reliable way to train your volunteers and leaders. Whether you have your own curriculum or want to to adopt other non-profit training tools, you can do it all with our platform. Let our app streamline your training, coaching, and mentoring processes so you can focus on the rest of your non-profit work.

Mentoring & Coaching Made Easy

Imagine being able to manage all your leadership and volunteer training in one place. With Restvo, you can do just that! Our app help volunteers stay connected, get mentored, find coaches, provide feedbacks, and more. We also have a built-in video chat & conference tool so you can remotely sync up with your leaders as needed.

Curated Nonprofit Resources

Our team has curated nonprofit resosources that makes it easy for you to manage your team's professional training and development, and gain feedback across your entire nonprofit. Our dashboard shows you your entire organization & staff in one quick glance. In addition, Restvo makes it easy to do performance evaluation, project management, volunteer satisfaction, and collect feedbacks.  Our consulting team is ready to meet with you, understand your unique needs, and onboard your staff!

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