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How it works

Help your church discipleship grow exponentially!

Why is church discipleship so difficult? With Restvo, it doesn't have to be! We know that being a local pastor or church staff is a tough calling. Our cofounders are both pastors and tech entrepreneurs who empathize with how difficult ministry is. Our mobile app was built by pastors for pastors for churches. Contact us today and experience a new way of church discipleship.

Create / Join Discipleship Plans

Looking for new curriculum for discipleship or want to create your own plan for your church? Restvo was built to help churches kickstart and grow their discipleship ministry. Browse thru customizable discipleship plans or create your own — Try it today!

Small Group & 1-1 Discipleship

Have you ever struggled with helping people to find small groups or get discipled in your church? With Restvo, we make discipleship simple. Want to have an easy way for newcomers to find a group? Having trouble making sure your small group leaders have that resources? Restvo helps you with all your discipleship needs! Track the health of your small groups, make sign-ups for groups easy, find a 1-1 discipler/mentor, and so much more!

Church Discipleship Curriculum

Find well-written and curated resources dedicated to church discipleship. Restvo understands the challenge of creating materials and curriculum from scratch so our team has provided a quick way where you can find, join, adopt, and/or customize your own unique plan for your church from our marketplace.

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